ESGI is a product used by classroom teachers everywhere for one-on-one assessing and progress monitoring. 

During this time we have two At-Home solutions that give you the opportunity to work alongside parents and caregivers. These solutions are included in your free trial!

What is ESGI?


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In Response to School Closures

ESGI Has Two At-Home Solutions!

Student Screen At-Home

ESGI has a solution to remotely assess your students one-on-one with our Student Screen At-Home option. Student Screen is teacher managed and led and allows you to assess your students in real-time via linked devices.

Parents and caregivers can start their own free account and practice the skills review that align to your instructional goals. 

Free Parent Accounts

"How very exciting! In these troubling times, ESGI has stepped up to give families and teachers the ability to keep track of student progress while allowing data to drive student learning."


Kindergarten Teacher


No Credit Card Required