ESGI is Your At-Home and At-School Solution!

Use ESGI with your video conference software

Use video conference software like Zoom and Google Meet to monitor the progress of your students in real-time!

Getting started is easy!

  • Create your account using promo code HYBRID.
  • Log in to your ESGI account.
  • Start a video conference call with your student.
  • Click on the test you want to administer.
  • Share screen.
  • Test your student as you would in the classroom.

"We loved using ESGI with our 3-5 year olds through screen sharing. So much easier than trying to display materials, and the parents were able to see the results right then. It was a game changer for our virtual Pre-K. Kids loved it too!!"

Shauna L, Pre-K Teacher

See how educators across the country are benefitting from ESGI!

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